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When Air Canada asked us to help them create a full brand identity system from an idea during the pandemic to create a shipping service, Rivo. They had a logo and a request: make it look fast, fun, and easy. We started with fuchsia — the brand’s primary colour — and created a speed block graphic that implied speed and movement and tied the brand together. You can never have too much bright pink!

SvsC was a great partner for the evolution of the Rivo brand. It is worth emphasizing the term “partner” Steve brought a lot of ideas and creativity to help us build the visual identity system for our brand. He brought a straightforward, playful and dynamic theme to life. The addition of the speed block was so simple but also so perfect. That quick and essential interpretation allowed us to elevate the look and feel of Rivo.

Perrin Martin

Brand and Strategy Development

Photography by Taylor Roades
Illustrations by Vincent Mahe